Pinipleta The publishing house Sins Entido commissioned me to produce a typeface based on Mireia's calligraphy for the publication of the graphic novel La muchacha salvaje. To create this typeface I studied Mireia's writing. I realized several things: —She would write "A" and "M" in a different way depending on the context. —Although she didn't… Read More


PRoca While I was working on El invierno del dibujante Paco Roca asked me for a typeface based on his handwriting. As Paco didn't have time to fill in the templates, he gave me examples of the Emotional World Tour book he lettered by hand. From those pages I developed the typography that Paco ended… Read More

Cristina Durán

Cristina Durán The author Cristina Durán commissioned me a typography based on her handwriting, but in this case, her handwriting had an important particularity. It wasn't a handwriting, it was drawn. Based on his drawings I was building the typography but always trying to maintain a style "drawn", which did not end up looking like… Read More