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I’m Fuentes,
Fernando Fuentes

That’s funny because “Fuentes” is the Spanish word for “fonts”, and I made typography. Let’s say that’s my fate.

I’m a graphic, editorial and type designer, and a comics letterer. Nowadays I work and live in Madrid.

Comics are one of my main passions, and I always notice the lettering, especially when it’s bad done. And, as could not be otherwise, I ended up as a comic letterer improving the quality of the lettering in as many comics and graphic novels I could. I have also done a lot of custom typography for comic authors like Paco Roca, Juanjo Cuerda, Joseps Homs or Albert Monteys, among others.


Type design and comics lettering.

One of my main concerns about comics lettering is that the comics fonts usually doesn’t look like actual handwritting, and many times that’s really an issue. My fonts and my custom fonts always try to look like actual handwritting. That’s the thing that authors like the Eisner nominees Paco Roca or Alber Monteys looks for in my work.

Fando Fonts
Fernando fuentes
Selected publications
from 2010/18
Ed. Astiberri
Paco Roca
Memorias de un hombre en pijama
Los surcos del azar
La casa
Ed. Sins Entido
Mireia Pérez
La muchacha salvaje

Javier Montesol
Speak Low

El jueves
Juanjo Cuerda
Revista El jueves
Éditions Dargaud
Josep Homs
Ed. Dolmen
Fuera Borda collection

Johan y Pirluit

Willy Lambil & Raoul Couvin
Cascas azules

Los hombrecitos


Ed. Sins Entido, Ed. Salamandra
Guillaume Long
A comer y beber
Ed. Sins Entido
Aude Picualt
Ed. Dibbuks
Karim Friha
El despertar del zelfiro

Julie Rocheleau & Olivier Bocquet
La cólera de Fantomas

Schwartz & Yann
El botones de verde caqui

La Máscara

Ed. Ninth Comics
Toppic collection
Ed. Spaceman Books
Gwenn de Bonneval y Fabien Vehlmann
Los últimos días de un inmortal

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