The publishing house Sins Entido commissioned me to produce a typeface based on Mireia’s calligraphy for the publication of the graphic novel La muchacha salvaje.

To create this typeface I studied Mireia’s writing. I realized several things:

—She would write “A” and “M” in a different way depending on the context.

—Although she didn’t usually link the letters, she did have several pairs of letters that she used to link.

—Her lettering was very loose, very carefree.

To mimic these questions I created variants of the lowercase ones, I also created contextual variants of the high box “A” and “M” and integrated a lot of ligatures to the font.

Mireia ended up very happy with the result and discovering the possibilities of typography to imitate manual lettering.

Mireia Pérez & Editorial Sins Entido
Custom fonts
Specimen Pinipleta
Muchacha Salvaje

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