Valerosas (Culottées)

Valerosas. (Spanish version of Culottées) Culottées is a Pénélope Bagieu's webcomic on Le monde’s website. There she told the stories of different women who went beyond what the society of their time had reserved for them. These stories were compiled in two volumes in France and Dibbuks published them in Spanish as Valerosas. The author… Read More

Johan & Pirluit

Johan & Pirluit Johan & Pirluit by Peyo is one of the great classics of the Franco-Belgian comics. From its pages came some characters that became world famous: the Smurfs. To letter this collection of integrals I created a typography inspired by the original French lettering with four variants per letter, so I ensured to… Read More

De tripas y corazón

De tripas y corazón This is one of the most complicated comics I've ever faced. The author, Pozla, narrates his ordeal for Chron's illness. It is a comic strip that comes out of the author's guts and that the author lettered in the same way as he drew it, in a very expressive way and… Read More