Fonteys is sold in a Pay What You Want basis for a desktop license for one computer (1€ minimum). Please contact me for web, ePub, server or extended licenses.
Fonteys is sold exclusively on this site.

Suggested Price: 1,00 


Out there, in the wastelands of the comic-book typefaces, there are very few examples of fonts that really looks like handwritten. Many times it’s discouraging to look into the pages of some authors, many newbies and even some veterans. Their lettering is sloppy, they trust too much in fonts that don’t fit with their styles. But the worst problem is that almost no comic font manages to imitate the irregularity of an actual handwritten lettering.

The Fonteys is an attempt to correct that. It’s a font highly gestural, with a lot of variants for each letter to enhance the handwriting feeling. It’s feels like actual hand lettering. And, if were not enough, the Fonteys supports almost all latin languages, cylliric, greek, and even vietnamese.