Marcinelle typeface

Tipografía Marcinelle To design this family, I drew inspiration from the classic Franco-Belgian comic books, in particular from the so-called L’ecole de Marcinelle, hence the name, which included people like Franquin, Peyo, Morris and Walthery, all of whom were great comic artists. These authors used, and still use, large black letters for screams and onomatopoeias,… Read More

Strukelj typeface – FREE!

Strukelj typeface Pedro Strukelj is an illustrator and line artist. An artist who wanted a typography that would do justice to his drawings and use it in his works and projects and then leave it freely available for anyone who wanted to use his handwriting and give it a life beyond his pencils. The Strukelj… Read More

Fumetto typeface

Fumetto Typeface Italy is one of the countries where you can still find comic books in the newsstands. And in Italy comic books are called fumetto. The Fumetto typeface is my heartfelt tribute to this tradition of comics. To make it, I was inspired by the lettering of the 1970’s Italian comics books. The Italian… Read More

Fonteys typeface

Fonteys Typeface Out there, in the wastelands of the comic-book typefaces, there are very few examples of fonts that really looks like handwritten. Many times it’s discouraging to look into the pages of some authors, many newbies and even some veterans. Their lettering is sloppy, they trust too much in fonts that don’t fit with… Read More